On behalf of the Church l want to say Happy belated birthday to you, Pastor.

It is a great privilege for us to be associated with you and to have a Pastor, a Mentor, a father and Evangelist like you.
We thank God who sent you to us. We celebrate with you, your family and friends on this your 63rd birthday.

May God renew your strength and add many more years of Serving our dear Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. 
Just to mention that we have benefited a lot from your labours in the Ministry. Thank God he sent you to us. We are always blessed by your Ministry. We are very grateful for your ever-present guidance that has made us to serve the children of God better. Words fail us to thank you for all the things we have benefited by associating with you and by being under your Ministry. We know your labours have not only benefited this church but has benefited the entire body of Christ world over.

We cherish and appreciate your labours, the to sleepless nights and long hours of prayer for this church. You became a skinned God to most believers in times of need
It is befitting to mention that you have been a father and mother to most believers across the nation. You have taken care of widows and orphans; paid school fees for believers; bought stands and built churches for pastors; financially supported missionary work; cleared debts for believers; sponsored ministers to go and preach abroad and have hosted visitors in your home just but to mention a few. You have been such an example and influence to the body of Christ and we know that a crown is waiting for you in heaven.

We love you and appreciate you, Parson. We pledge to stand with you to lifting up your hands till he comes.
God bless you, your wife and family.  Amen