It was indeed a holy week at No 6 Starling Drive, Greenside, Mutare starting from Sunday 20th October to Sunday the 27th of October 2019. So anointed were the meetings that the 8 days seemed like just one day as the ministers passed on the button stick from one to another day after day. It was indeed an eight-course spiritual menu.

The meetings started on a very high note on Sunday 20th of October 2019 the very date when the first outpouring and visitation took place that special Friday evening in 1989. Pastor Kufakwemba, who was then a deacon at the Tabernacle at that time, and now pastoring the church in Penhalonga, started the ball rolling as he passionately shared what he witnessed then from that day. Elder P Chivaura who sacrificed to travel the 265km from Harare to grace this special commemoration introduced Pastor Kufakwemba by sharing his personal experience when it all happened in 1989. So vivid and tangible was his testimony that it kindled the whole church making it ready to hear the word which then followed. Pastor Kufakwemba shared how his wife received the baptism of the Holy Ghost in 1989 and how he realised that he had not received such a baptism himself though he was a deacon. Challenged by that reality, he vowed in the next meeting that he would not go home until he also got his share of the same baptism. He asked some brethren to drive his wife and family home whilst he remained at church to settle this important and vital matter with God. Indeed God was faithful and gave him a mighty baptism which got him under the benches and chairs and that sealed it up to today. In his message he urged one and all to mean business with God for them to get their portion of what God did in 1989 because He is the same, yesterday today and forever. As the service came to an end a mighty breakthrough struck the church and people were lost in worship for the next 40 minutes or more.

Monday evening the church was nearly packed full again when the service started at 6:00pm. The believers were under great expectations. Pastor Garande from Sakubva took the button stick as he swung the church down memory lane to the outstanding Sunday service in January 1990 which started around 8.00 am and ended around 7:00pm, yet surprisingly he felt like he had been in church for only 40 minutes, because of the presence of the Lord which flooded the church on that day and subsequent m0ving of the Holy Ghost in that service. He quoted one of the prophecies given which said some of the believers would get houses close to the church in Greenside. He was rejoicing because God had just given him the house at No 22 Chaminuka (formally Kingsway) Greenside just a day before the commemoration meetings started on Sunday – a prophecy fulfilled to him after 30 years. Moving on from the testimonies he spoke on “Applying the Token on the Whole Congregation”, which thing followed as the service drew to an end and many received the Token as they worshipped and praised the Lord.

Pastor Musoso from Dangamvura came in on Tuesday night taking the church an octave higher as he pointed out to the church that “There Is No Summit To The Power Of God”. All things became possible when the church caught it that indeed there is no summit to the Power of God. The breakthrough which followed this service put a stamp to that fact as believers claimed and received their different needs as they spoke to the unchanging God who always answers prayers.

Wednesday night was in the hands of none other than the local Pastor at Bible Believers Tabernacle our precious  and humble Pastor D. Kabaira who was nominated by the Holy Ghost during the 1989 revival  when he was still single that he would later help Pastor J M Chikosi the Founding Pastor in the ministry. The service was so packed with Power that the congregation was standing, amening the Word and Praising the Lord right to the end, where a mighty wave of the Power of the Holy Ghost struck the church and many received their first baptism of the Holy Ghost like it was again in 1989. This was another day of Pentecost at Bible Believers Tabernacle.

Pastor Dakwa from Chikanga took the church by surprise when he swung it to a new level on Thursday night. He came in as a tired preacher having travelled all the way from Zambia where there was a convention. But God undertook for him that the tiredness just vanished into thin air as he evangelised the next hour or so, and the devil was put underfoot by nearly every believer. So hot was the preaching that the benches were left vacant as the believers were swept to the altar by the power-packed and persuasive preaching which came from a tired preacher.  The breakthrough which followed left many slain by the power of the Holy Ghost as the Theme of the meetings was being fulfilled night after night.

Friday was a night with a shock for everybody. The fiery Reverend Masaiti from Mutasa DC shook the church with his thundering voice and the powerful anointing that even those who do not usually stand up in church had no option but to stand and rejoice in the presence of the Lord from the start of the service right up to the very end. When he moved into the congregation a few moments into his sermon, he made up for his height by standing on a bench and from there he threshed the devil until almost every soul was liberated and many received another dose of the Holy Ghost as people got lost in worship until the service ended on such a note that it was difficult to stop prayer and go home.

There was a wedding on Saturday morning which was sandwiched between the Holy Ghost meetings as our precious brother M Nyahukwe took his bride in October the very month the Prophet wedded Sister Meda. It was a wonderful wedding so well managed that  by 4:00pm people were ready to go back to church for the 7th meeting.

The screaming preacher from Nhedziwa, Pastor Hope Kwaramba came in from a different angle that Saturday night that he brought the baptism of the Holy Ghost within reach even to the feeblest believer as he spoke on “Deliverance From Carnal Nature.” The clarity with which he brought his message plus the persuasion from the heart gave power and strength to those who had been waiting all week long for their turn to jump into the stirred waters and get their long-standing request granted in this service. It was amazing how the Holy Ghost touched and filled many in this service where we saw that  7 is indeed God`s number of completion.

What more shall we say about Sunday the 27th of October, the last day of the commemoration meetings? The very man and Founder of this great move of the Holy Ghost in the City of Mutare none other than our beloved Pastor J M Chikosi was there to wind up the meetings. There was such joy in and outside the church (for some were standing outside the church building which was packed to the bream) just at his mere appearing that Sunday morning. Though he was also tired from preaching at conventions in Kinshasa DRC and Lusaka Zambia recently, God was faithful, He anointed his servant again like never before and the church had a wonderful time in the Lord like never before. It left us wondering whether the anointing of 1989 was better than 2019? The testimony that the Elder gave on how he received the baptism of the Holy Ghost in 1977 at a youth camp in Gweru was most touching that any youth ought to listen to it for him or her to get a closer walk with God. This testimony and the unusually mighty preaching brought such a mighty breakthrough in the church which sealed many into the Kingdom and also sealed the theme of the commemoration meetings: ”A FAMILY TOKEN FOR THE WHOLE HOUSE.”

Special thanks goes to our loving Elder and Apostle, Pastor J M Chikosi for the inspiration to hold these special Holy Ghost commemoration meetings which were a tremendous blessing to many eagles who attended. A very big thank you too to all the pastors who gave us the word especially those who came from outside Mutare. The unity from all the congregants was indeed commendable and thankworthy. God bless you all. We shall endeavour to hold these special meetings annually in future God permitting.