32 And that's what my heart is, brother, today, when I think of Africa, and them poor little black hands raising up, saying, "Brother Branham, one more time about Jesus." Oh, mercy. There's something in me digs and burns. Just as quick as I get money enough up, I get over there too; that's what I do with every penny I get, everything, God knows, besides just what I can eat.


It was my joy to minister together with other servants of the Lord at the well-attended Lusaka convention in Zambia which was convened by Pastor Mwanza. The theme for the Convention was “Applying the Token.” The atmosphere was truly charged with the Power of the Holy Ghost. The Lord blessed the services with His mighty evident presence. It was worth all the sacrifice. I spoke in the evening service on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On the Sunday morning I had a privilege to speak for Pastor Ronnie Kapisha where God blessed the service mightily. Thank you for your prayers.