Shalom. Trusting that you are well and are being blessed by listening to the series of Israel and The Church. What a Word!


2 Timothy 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

We must not fear Covid19 but we must also have a SOUND MIND and not a MIND VIRUS!

Jeremiah told Israel to protect themselves against the coming Nebuchadnezzar virus by leaving their homeland and going into captivity to Babylon! It was seemingly an open show of fear and lack of faith to fight the King of Babylon while in their God given homeland. Hananiah, a false Prophet, resisted those protection measures in a seemingly bold display of lack of fear and faith against the coming virus. The elders and High Priests and all compatriot Jews were against Jeremiah's protective measures! They used the Word that God gave us this land and promised to fight all our enemies. Thus Jeremiah was put in the dungeon.

But when the Nebuchadnezzar virus came all those circumcised Jews (Christians today) died like flies and rats. Be careful of some with a MIND VIRUS, not a SOUND MIND, who disregard protection against the Corona virus in a seemingly very bold display of faith of not being afraid of the coming certain destruction. Israel had sinned and God was angry. The only protection was captivity in Babylon! The Christians, (the Bride include and even top on the list) have greatly sinned and God is angry and the plague is poured out upon us!

Protect yourself against this virus. Do not listen to the many false prophets who tell you to disregard protective measures in a seemingly show of faith. Number one protection is to confess your sins and believe the Lord will save you from this pandemic. Then you follow all the recommended protective measures. The Bible says you can drink poison or take up serpents and they will not harm you. Shall we go about drinking poison and picking up black mambas in a bold show of lack of fear and display of faith? That is not a Sound Mind but a Mind Virus that must be protected against.

Do we not protect ourselves from poison and serpents though we have power over them? If children of God catch this virus unawares, God will certainly heal them! But do not be careless and disregard the protective measures! Inofira mahara! (You die in vain!) I love you all and so I encourage you all to please have a Sound Mind and not a Mind Virus!