I give thanks, praise, honour and glory to Almighty God for His abundant and sufficient grace that covered me while I was in His service during this whole month. Adjusting from one country to another usually takes a little time but before I could adjust it was time to go! Food differs from country to country so does the language, the worship and everything! Having been on the go most of my whole life, I am used to instant adjustments! The DRC and Zambia services were a tremendous blessing. Africa still has revival and church is still a great time of joy unspeakable full of glory! There is great need for the body to edify one another for its perfection. It is always my delight to see how one can preach for the first time to a people he has never met and have a glorious time in the Lord. It testifies one thing that we are coming from the same place, feeding from the same pot of manna, drinking from the same fountain and going back to the same place. In winding and wrapping up the trip I was in Mutare where we had very good service on Sunday morning. The atmosphere was very good. One could tell that from last Sunday till then the people were in heavenly places in Christ Jesus! The joy, the high expectation and the liberty of the Holy Spirit was on an elevated platform. It was the closing and the only one service that I managed to take of the combined services with all the Mutare churches in commemoration of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit thirty years ago! I spoke on Sealed, Marked and Branded from Eternity to Eternity. In the afternoon I was in Highlands. The service was also very good ending with a spontaneous alter call. I was speaking on The True Baptism of the Holy Spirit being the literal life of Christ in the believer which is the required Token in this third Exodus. Today is my last service in Highlands as I finish up my trip. For one month, I was just on the go living from my suitcase most of the time. I thank God for the grace that He afforded me so that I could avail myself in service to His dear children who were mighty blessed. I thank those of you who were praying for me. May God bless you. It will be to your advantage and spiritual benefit to catch up on what the Lord is doing through what He has invested in this unworthy vessel by visiting our Church website;
Take some time to listen through the recorded sermons as we endeavor to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. Thank you all for your support. God bless you all. Brother Joseph.